Mountain Bike Race

Mountain Bike Race

Route Six 2 Two Trails is a weekend that is designed to include all members of the family.

The two day stage Mountain Bike race:

The mountain bike race is to have pairs. It will take you through the various unique features throughout the area. The first day will be called the two mounts and the second day will be called the bush and falls. Day 1 will take you up the beautiful and difficult Mount Gilboa and Mount West. The second day will take you through the bush tracks and will take you past the beautiful unique feature of Zulu Falls.

The race is situated an hour and a half outside of Durban and is four hours from joburg.

This event unlike many of the races throughout South Africa offers a unique experience that facilitates every member of the family.

Many other mountain bike events or trials runs offer just those events, whilst our event offer many other activities for people to get involved with, such as beach volleyball, clay pigeon shooting and slip n slides.